Oklahoma State University
Date Started July 24, 2008
Season Started Season 3, Day 2
General Manager HanesOnU
Overall Record 191-131(59.8%)
Playoff Record 11-7(61.1%)
Consecutive Playoff Appearances 7

History Edit

The team was started in Season 3 by the user . The team was a "super team" formed from a combination of 3 different teams: Super Pokes, OSU COWPOKES, and Cowboy Ballers. While it was a combination of these 3 teams, it ended up having only 5 different users: mdpoke, somebeach, blmelon, osubroo, and HanesOnU. Despite the fact that HanesOnU was the only user to stick around past Season 4, almost all the players from the original team are still active. The most notable of these players are Allison Stokke on Dyestat, Supreme Abdul-Jabbar previously of Champinoship Crew, Moses Johnson of the Baltimore Bullets, Wilt Chamberlain of Champinoship Crew, Willis Reed of, Keiton Page in the OSU Franchise, and Brooks Thompson from The Tanks.

mdpoke captained the team in Season 3 and Season 4, then quit Court Rivals, along with many of the other users. He handed over the team to HanesOnU, who has captained the team ever since. Despite a low profile, the success of this team is undeniable. After Season 9, HanesOnU took over 2 other teams, Hoops United and Real American Heroes. These teams were run by scottythebody63 who was quitting the game. Through a massive recruiting effort, HanesOnU was able to start a Court Rivals "Franchise" which includes scotty's teams and OSU. With 30 players and 14 different users, the Franchise is aimed at rotating players/users between gym rat and non gym rat seasons. The ultimate goal is to have every user involved in the Franchise on a PRO team every season.


Season Division League Rank Games Wins Losses Rating Win % Playoffs
Team Statistics
3 PRO A N/A 13 47 31 16 65.9% Sweet 16
4 PRO A N/A 9 46 29 17 63.0% 2nd Round
5 PRO A N/A 22 47 35 12 74.5% Sweet 16
6 PRO B N/A 22 46 27 19 58.7% 2nd Round
7 PRO A N/A 16 48 29 19 60.4% Sweet 16
8 College A Kareem 54 45 22 23 48.9% 1st Round
9 PRO B Kareem 17 47 22 25 46.8% Sweet 16
10 Kareem
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