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Court Rivals is a browser based game. The objective of the game is to have your team win the league championship. You can accomplish this by assembling a team of 10 players and having each member of your team train his or her attributes.

The amount you can train daily is limited by the number of training credits you have. Every day at midnight ET, you receive a fresh set of training credits with which you can train.

Every night at 10 PM ET, if you are on a team then you will play in a simulated game. A box score will be generated for the simulated game so that you can login after the game and determine how your player did.

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Site News July 23, 2009 - In Season 11 we are excited to announce that we will be launching the West league.

The West league is a new league where your player resets to 450 trained points every season and *never* expires. Due to the unique ruleset of the West league, joining the West league costs one player credit for life!

June 16, 2009

Hey all,

Court Rivals has long been at odds with the following ideal-

1. Court Rivals is a persistent game that requires people to train their player multiple times per day 2. People have circumstances going on in their life that do not permit them to be on Court Rivals every day or every hour

Many users have overcome #2 by giving others users (like their teammates) their account credentials. Often times, this leads to various issues. Fake player transfer requests are made, accounts are stolen, and players are reset by other users of the site. More...

Simulation Updates

June 10,2010

Here are a list of OFFICIAL Season 10 changes.

1. New player chemistry "Drive and Kick" added (Passing/3 Point Shooting)

2. Max attribute level will be raised from 350 to 400

3. Starters may not always lock 30 minutes before tip off ...

4. The maximum number of players that can be managed under an account has been increased to 15.

5. Teams can now designate an optional co-captain. Co-captains can adjust a team's starters/bench and team skills. More...

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The Wagga Wagga Wombat Collective is a long-standing veteran team founded by the Australian user Camel in Season 3. At the time, Camel was its captain and manager, but due to extenuating circumstances, he had to step down from some of his team duties and instead resides as the team co-captain. The user SASCO, the agent of massively successful, three-time First Team and Season 8 MVP Chazz-Michael Michaels, has taken over these duties. Read more...

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